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12 Elegant Wedding Themes and Easy Color Trends for 2020

  • Bridal Basics • Last updated Jan. 2, 2020
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Not sure what wedding theme and color scheme you want for your wedding? We gathered the best colors combos for each month. Read below for inspiration!

January: Ivory + Silver + Sage

These three colors are some of the most classic, and aristocratic on our list. Ivory characterizes the depth of winter in an elegant way. It is also becoming a popular color for wedding gowns. Sage is the muted hues of the evergreens, it is the only life and color this season. The silver embellishments add some sparkle without overpowering the other two colors. If you’re looking for a timeless wedding feel, this is it.

February: Red + Taupe + Black

No colors are a better fit for the month of love than red and black. These two make a dramatic pair suggesting both romance and emotional power. The grayish brown of taupe is the breadth between the two powerful colors. As a neutral, it can be used for small enhancements without drawing too much attention. These are the ideal colors to use in modern, formal weddings that are centered around your love of one another.

March: Blush Pink + Light Grey + Mint Green

Blush is a very human color that suggests nurturing and love. Much softer than bold or hot pink, it is more masculine- and thus more suitable for both bride and groom. The mint green adds a sense of growth and rejuvenation. Using few, but well-placed light grey accents will actually add some strength to the otherwise softer blush & mint green. This is great for indoor & outdoor weddings during the season’s transition from winter to spring.

April: Aqua + Cherry Red + Khaki

April is often associated with the life-giving waters of spring. The most fitting color for this month then is aqua. Adding another bright color like Cherry Red creates a neat retro vibe. A dull shade of khaki counteracts the brightness for a perfect balance. This combination at the beginning of spring is great for fun, energetic weddings with a promise of new life and new beginnings.

May: Plumeria + Light Peach + Tangerine

Plumeria is a distinct purple that stimulates the imagination. It is balanced by Tangerine, which adds the needed warmth for balance. Both make great dress colors while light peach acts as middle ground and coordinates well with the two colors on invites & place settings. This palette was created exclusively for the height of spring. May is rightly associated with flowers in full bloom. Use this vibrant combination in your wedding to compliment the fiery drama that comes with this time of year.

June: Navy + White + Yellow

Navy is both a traditional and strong color. It provides a serious tone of responsibility and intelligence. Yellow then becomes the perfect compliment. It adds a sense of playfulness and hope. Nothing portrays a June summer more so than sunflower yellow. Using both navy & yellow on your stationary, attire, and decorations will create striking, but delightful contrast. Since they are both so aggressive, use white as the foundation for layouts, or to insulate the other two colors.

July: Champagne + Steel Grey + Seafoam Green

July marks the height of celebration and abundance. Champaign is the perfect color for this month of the year. Like the drink, its rosey-beige color is dry but refreshing and makes some of the most beautiful bridesmaids dresses. The off-beat Seafoam Green continues this elegance while adding some color and growth to your wedding theme. Opting for a sharper neutral color like steel grey reflects the same mystery that likely began your courtship.

August: Chestnut + Metallic Orange + Green

This is the most unique color pallet on the calendar. It is also the most earthy, which embodies everything about August. Chestnut’s reddish-brown is anything but boring. It’s sheen tint and rich depth conveys security, protection, and terrestrial wealth. A bold or chic green will bring a vibrant but cooling effect. With such stark contrast between the two, use the metallic orange sparingly to bring them both together. August’s color combo is perfect for outdoor weddings in the Midwest and Northwest regions.

September: Dusty Blue + Old Linen + Burnt Orange

September’s mood is often eclectic and reflective. Both the dusty blue and burnt orange characterize the transition between the brightness of summer and dryness of fall. Both are popular colors for bridal parties and make great table settings. The tinged white of old linen exaggerates the feeling of yesteryear. This selection is perfect for those who want a wedding theme that supports, but does not distract from the true focal point of any wedding, the bride and groom.

October: Purple + Orange + Burgundy

As nature slows in preparation for winter, deep and rich colors are produced during harvest time. Purple suggests both imagination and royalty. Burgundy draws from this purple, adding a deep red making it great as both your primary or secondary color. Incorporating a standard orange to blend both colors produces some of the most stunning bouquets and ornamentations possible. For couples looking to make a statement, this is your month.

November: Wine Berry + Swiss Coffee + Dark Tan

Central to many weddings is great wine. At the finale of wine season, and with winter around the corner, the reddish-purple of Wine Berry becomes the perfect color to represent this time of year. It is one of the most rich and flavorful colors. Because of this, pairing it with a more neutral dark tan or Swiss Coffee will bring harmony to your theme. Both make great dresses and a Wine Berry tie or bowtie creates a powerful accent to any suit.

December: Gold + Cream + Emerald

December indicates so many events like the holidays, beginning of winter, and end of the year. This color palette is the ultimate embodiment of each of those. Gold is wealth, it is success, and it is fulfillment. Any additional colors should have this level of sheen in order to not deflate the glamour. Emerald is perfect for this. As a gemstone it adds a classy energy to the traditional gold. Cream is a terrific glossy white accent. This month has a contrasting traditional, and yet modern impression, which portrays the finality and rebirth of matrimony.