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Awesome! Wedding Party Cast & Crew [Infographic]

  • Bridal Basics • Last updated Mar. 16, 2018
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Weddings in the modern era, whether large or small, have a lot of actors involved. There are nearly an unlimited amount of options depending on the type of wedding, the venue, and your budget. In the midst of being smitten with love and the excitement of obtaining your happily ever after, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

In Chapter Two of our e-Book ‘Your Guide to a Fairytale Wedding’ we outline the steps to pick your Cast & Crew. These are the people, vendors, or industry professionals who have some role to play or set of responsibilities during and leading up to your Big Day.

The infographic below shows the most common actors that you will likely want involved in your Fairytale Wedding. We also added a healthy dose of reality in terms of what to expect (or not expect) from these characters.

Wedding Party Cast and Crew Infographic

Now that you have an idea of the roles and what they do, you may be asking yourself Band or DJ? Who will the Maid of Honor be? Fortunately there’s resources to help you here as well. We put together a list of fun quizzes to help you make the tough decisions.