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8 Practical Bridal Accessories for Your Wedding Day

  • Bridal Basics • Last updated April 30, 2018
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You’ve said yes to your fiance, set the date, reserved the hall and bought your wedding dress. Now it’s time to think about the bridal accessories you’ll need to top off your perfect day. There’s so much detail that goes into a wedding and the accessories are the smallest, albeit important, of those details – which mean they can be easily overlooked. After all, the accessories are usually the defining aspects of the old wedding saying: “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”.

From veils to shoes, or top to bottom in layman’s terms, we will outline the most important accessories for your big day. Take some notes so you won’t forget these eight essentials for your special day and start shopping for what you need.

1. Shoes

To start thinking about what type of shoe to wear on your wedding day, consider the type of wedding you will be having. Is it a beach wedding? A traditional wedding? Or perhaps you’re getting married at an ice hotel in Sweden. When choosing your wedding shoes, pick the pair that are comfortable but allow you to feel elegant – no matter what venue you are having your ceremony at. You’ll want to find shoes that combine comfort, style and beautiful detailing that suits you perfectly just be – sure to break them in before your big day. Don’t be afraid to choose a more comfortable pair to change into for the reception when your feet get tuckered out – and they will get tuckered out.

2. Hair Piece and/or Veil

There’s a level of beauty and grace that a veil or hair piece provides a bride on her wedding day. It’s probably the most important accessory of them all. When choosing a veil or headpiece, consider your desired hairstyle and the style of your dress. If you wear an elegant updo, have the veil pinned so as not to hide the hair style. If you choose a delicate headpiece, it can accentuate your hairstyle. Some brides prefer to remove their veil for the reception and have a hair clip put in its place. Discuss your veil and hair clip options with your hairstylist, she or he will know what style will work best with the hairstyle you choose.

3. Jewelry

Brides will want to plan their jewelry accessories based on the dress style as well. Some dresses won’t need much due to the detailing and embellishments they have, while other dresses may need that extra zazz to pull it together. If you can, bring your veil or headpiece with you when picking out your earrings. Find pieces that are unique, such as a lace bracelet or a floral choker, and try not to over-accessorize as it can really detract from your overall look.

4. Purse

While you won’t be lugging your purse down the aisle it can be a helpful way to carry those little things that you may need. Keep it close by throughout your day and just carry some basic items, but nothing too important in case you lose it. Consider finding a purse that you can use again after the wedding. Anything with metallics or a beautiful jewel toned clutch will fit the order, you might even find one with the optional shoulder strap. Some of the items you might want to have on-hand include;

  • lipstick
  • compact makeup
  • perfume
  • tissues or handkerchief
  • mints
  • hair clips or bobby pins
  • cell phone

5. Coat or Wrap

Whether you are getting married in the cooler winter months or in the warm summer months, you may need a coat or wrap. There are a myriad of choices when it comes to wraps and coats for the bride, including; a tulle or chiffon shrug, a lace topper or coat, or a variety of wraps in different materials. You could even choose an elegant looking cardigan to top off your evening look. Finding the right style for your gown can be challenging, so ask the bridal shop sales person for advice. They’ll be able to suggest what will work best with the dress you’ve chosen. When your dress has a simple, elegant style you can choose something with more embellishments and vice versa.

6. Gloves

If you are considering gloves as part of your bridal attire, go ahead, they are a beautiful addition to the bridal gown. Gloves range from wrist length to near the shoulder length gloves, which I suppose is really just a sleeve at that point, but I digress. Bridal gloves come in a variety of materials and designs. Perhaps an elegant satin is your style, or maybe you’re having a cold weather wedding, or a delicate lace may be what works for you. The possibilities are endless, just be sure to try on different glove styles with your dress – if only to determine what length you prefer. And once you choose, remember these important tips for wearing full finger gloves:

  • Choose a glove that can be easily removed for the groom to place the ring on your finger
  • Don’t wear them when you eat, toast, or to cut the cake
  • Practice removing them for the ring exchange

7. Emergency Kit

While the likelihood of an emergency kit being needed on your wedding day is slim to none, it’s better to prepared. What if your dress rips, you break a nail or forgot to put on deodorant? Have the kit put together and then ask your maid or matron of honor to put the kit in an easily accessed place throughout the day. Your kit should include:

  • Hairspray & comb
  • Deodorant
  • Feminine products
  • White thread & needle
  • Small scissors
  • Safety pins
  • Fashion tape
  • Bandaids
  • Ibuprofen or acetaminophen, antacid
  • Snacks
  • Dental floss
  • Super glue (for small repairs like nails or shoes)

Additional suggestions include; nail file, bug spray for those outdoor events, phone chargers, other makeup products like mascara or eye shadow to repair what might get ruined if you start crying – did I say “if”? I mean when.

8. For the Groom

Most of the wedding planning is focused on where the reception will be held and what the bride is going to wear. Not much emphasis is usually given to the groom, but that doesn’t mean his look isn’t important. Grooms can bring a personal touch to their wardrobe with simple items like cuff links, watches, and pocket swatches. But there are other options available that will add his own personal style to his look. He can choose to wear a bow tie, a cravat or even choose a banded collar shirt which requires no tie. Or he can choose to reflect his style in the type of tuxedo or suit that he wears. There are a variety of ways to wear a tuxedo that suits your individual style, while keeping in tradition. He could choose a jacket style with hitched or peak lapels, or a modern shawl collar look. He could opt for a double breasted jacket, or he could choose one of the latest trends in color or patterned styles. He might even choose to wear a cumberbund, vest or suspenders to round out his look.

Antiques and Uniques

Consider adding some special, and perhaps unique, touches on your wedding day by playing around with the accessories worn by your bridal party.

The groom and groomsmen could wear funky socks, matching or not, to add a little funk and flare. Or have the men add a stylish hat to their wardrobe, you could even get the bridesmaids in on the hat fun with mini period style hats – even if it’s just for photos.

Another way to add sparkle to your bridal party is to shop for old brooches for each bridesmaid to wear on their dress or on their shoes. You could even match the brooches to their personalities. This adds a unique touch to their dresses and counters as a special gift from you for being a part of your special day.

Consider adding a surprising, yet beautiful, splash of color to your dress for the reception by adding a bright colored tulle petticoat under your dress. The petticoat can be worn for any dress length and gives a beautifully unique pizzazz to your look.

You could even get funky with your bouquets by adding a unique accessory to wrap around the stems. Maybe it’s a photo or memento of someone you want to remember or perhaps it’s a family heirloom. Another way to get edgy with your bouquet is to add a different type of spray like some colored ribbon weaved throughout the flowers or a type of berry stem that would give it a pop of color. The possibilities are endless when it comes to unique items to add to the bouquet, just use your imagination.

The accessories you choose for you and your bridal party can give your wedding that special added touch, but don’t let it stress you too much. Remember, you’re beautiful as you are and accessories don’t make or break your wedding day – they are just the icing on the cake.