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Chafer Pan Carrier (Hold 3)


Chafer Pan Carrier

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Insulated Chafer Pan Carrier holds up to 3 Full Size Food Pans


Keep hot food hot or cold food cold for up to 4 hours with our Chafer pan carrier  dark brown pan carrier with handles! This front loading Chafer pan carrier holds up to three, 2 1/2″ deep full size food pans for easy transport to your next catered event.

A recessed vent cap will equalize pressure and steam. Polyurethane insulation and an airtight gasket combine to ensure excellent food quality and temperature retention. Two sturdy plastic latches and molded-in top handles close securely and enable easy transport.

This full size front loading Chafer pan carrier securely stacks for more efficient transportation and storage. The Chafer Pan Carrier is dishwasher safe, and NSF Listed.

Overall exterior dimensions are 16 3/4″W x 24″D x 20″H.


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