We are proud to offer you the revolutionary CO2 FlexTap® which requires NO PUMPING!
A simple CO2 pressure regulated flex tap that uses brewery approved gas.

No Pumping!

CO2 preserves the beer for weeks.
Attach the Flex Hose Tap™ system to the keg and begin to pour.
Turn on the gas supply while pouring to the desired flow rate. Just a few PSI will push the beer without foaming.

One 74g CO2 TapGas® cylinder will easily preserve and push all of the beer out of 1/6 and 1/4 barrels. A full cylinder will almost push a 1/2 barrel depending on the surrounding temperatures. That’s why there are 2 cylinders sold in a package. The Regulator is adjustable and carries a lifetime warranty.
The CO2 FlexTap® means NO WASTE!
Be Kind…Air Kills Beer ™
When you see someone pumping air into a beer keg, rather than CO2 , they are pushing or forcing the CO2 out of the beer. Ever try to have a beer from the keg the next morning? We have and it’s never a problem when you dispense with CO2 and keep the beer cold.

No air pumping required
Adjustable regulator
Zipper sleeve on tap helps keep it cool
Easy operation, no tools required
Beverage stays fresh
Use with beer or soda, indoors or outside
Gauge readings in PSI

General Specs:

Dimensions: 26″H
Weight: 2 lb when fully assembled
Gas Inlet: 5/8″-18unf1A Inlet
Inlet Pressure Rating: 1800 PSI
Rupture Disc Release Pressure: 7,000 PSI
Max Outlet Pressure: 22 PSI

(1) PicnicTap with zipper sleeve
(1) US Sankey coupler
(1) TapGas CO2 cylinder