Clear XL Floral Beads to fill your Centerpieces, Vases or other decor pieces.

Available in 1 oz. increments.


 The application of Deco Bead products have endless possibilities for creativity and fun!

 Use these gems to create glimmering floral or candle arrangements in clear vases and bowls. There are many types to cover all decorating tastes as you will see on this website. Deco Beads are ideal for any custom creations that include arrangements for candles, silks, and fresh flowers.  Deco Beads are also great for creating beautiful arrangements for weddings, birthdays, parties, graduations, etc.  The list is endless!

 Deco Beads come in 1/16 to 1/8 inch dry granular balls.  You simply add water to the Deco Beads, and they expand several hundred times their weight and size.  They will retain water at that size for several weeks.  As the water dries, the Deco Beads will reduce in size and you can simply add more water allowing them to increase to their full size.  You can also allow the water to dry completely and reduce your Deco Beads down to their original state.  Once Deco Beads are back to their original state, you can store them for future use or you can add water to them again and watch Deco Beads increase to their full size.*  Deco beads are beautiful to see.  You’ll enjoy their unlimited possibilities!


Deco Beads are easy to use!

 You just simply add water and watch them grow

 Choose from many types/shapes of Deco Beads to create different and beautiful effects

 Choose your favorite colors of Deco Beads to create shimmering arrangements

 You can even layer Deco Beads with multiple shapes and colors for a winning combination

 Just one small 14 gram retail packet makes over 1 1/2 quarts and just one 8 ounce jar makes over 6 gallons of product

 Deco Beads are less expensive and more attractive than marbles or stones

 Deco Beads can be dried out, reduced back to their original size, and stored for future uses.*

 Deco Beads are non-toxic and environmentally safe

 Deco Beads swell up to several hundred times their weight and size.  They increase in size to 1/2 inch to 1 inch, depending on the type of Deco Bead.

  *With repeated increase and reduction in size, Deco Beads will continue to retain their full size.  However, depending on the type of Deco Bead, the color and/or scent may fade over time.