Summer is almost upon us, what can you do to make the summer special for the kids this year?  An economical way to “kick it up a notch” for the kids is with concession machines such as Sno Cone Machines.  Who can’t remember how cool it was to get a rainbow Sno-Cone and inhale all of that liquid sweetness or a big wad of cotton candy, and then again could anything be better than a soft-serve ice cream cone with sprinkles.

Today we’ll take some of the mystery out of deciding what you need in the way of supplies for Sno-Cones.

Each Sno-Cone will require ½# of ice and 2 ounces of syrup (at least) I always want a couple ounces each of 2 or 3 flavors on mine… If you’re planning to serve 50 Sno-Cones you would need:

25# ice
1 package (100) cones
3 to 4 – 750ml bottles of Sno-Cone syrup. Pick as many flavors as you want; you can never have too much.

Flavors that are currently

available in the750 ml are:

750ml Sno Cone Syrup w/ New ready to pour spout top

750ml Sno Cone Syrup w/ New ready to pour spout top from Gold Medal

Blue raspberry
Root beer
Bubble gum
Tiger’s blood


Flavors that are currently

available in 1 gallon containers are:


Sno-Cone Syrup in 1 Gallon containers from Gold Medal.

Cherry (Regular & Sugar Free)
Grape (Regular & Sugar Free)
Blue raspberry (Regular & Sugar Free)
Root beer